Gearing Up for Adventure: Insights from Cynthia, a PADI Divemaster at SMD

1. Can you share your journey with us? How did you start your diving career, and what motivated you to become a PADI Divemaster?

    I’ve always believed that if you love what you do in a job, then it isn’t like working at all. I was a tour guide and enthusiastic free diver, and in September 2022 I did my Discover scuba diving course with PADI Course Director Troy at Sierra Madre Divers, I knew I wanted to make being a PADI Divemaster my job.

    2. You received all your training with Sierra Madre Divers. How has this experience shaped your skills and approach as a Divemaster?

    The good thing about doing all my training with Sierra Madre Divers is that I have had consistent instruction from people I have learned to like and trust. Because have learned from the best it has put me on the path to becoming always professional, learning from people who are enthusiastic about their work has infused me with the same sort of passion. Because of my tourist industry background, I understand the importance of being approachable and friendly.

    3. What inspired you to join Sierra Madre Divers as a full-time team member?

    I wanted to make diving my life after my first Discover Scuba Diving with Troy, when I got to know the rest of the staff it became clear that Sierra Madre Divers would be a wonderful place to work. My goal was certain once I did the Advanced Divers course, it was so much fun, and I knew I’d like to do the rest of the courses needed to become a Dive Master and perhaps get an internship or job with SMD.

    4. How do you ensure the safety and enjoyment of guests during dive trips?

    As a dive master my primary function is to make sure the guests are safe, I ensure this by checking equipment for faults, ensuring I am aware of the ability of the guests, conducting a dive briefing to make sure the guests know what to expect and what to look for. During the dive I try to ensure the guests stay together, this can be helped by showing them interesting things to look at. I regularly liaise with the guests to find out their comfort levels and if they are ok. On a scent, I ensure the safety stops are done as dictated by PADI, and that the surface is clear of boats or other hazards. On completion of the dive, I like to ask the guests if they enjoyed themselves and what could be improved for the next dive. While my main job is to keep the guests safe, it is also really important that they enjoy themselves; my use of local knowledge, having a friendly disposition and caring about the diver’s happiness makes this easy. Much easier than being a tour guide where I had to do a similar thing with 5 times as many people.

    5. What are some memorable moments or experiences you’ve had while guiding divers at Sierra Madre?

    Oh, there are so many!! Back in December I was with some American guests, and we came across a100-year-oldseaturtle,the guests were kind enough to take a video of me with the turtle and I still watch it to this day. I was with a Taiwanese group of guests when I saw a school of Jacks, and a HUGE trevally, they were all amazed by the enormous school–I was thrilled myself, definitely a memorable moment. There are almost too many good memories to count–every day is an adventure with Sierra Madre Divers.

    6. Your consistent 5-star reviews from happy guests speak volumes. What do you think sets Sierra Madre Divers apart, and how do you contribute to creating exceptional dive experiences for guests?

    It’s all about the staff, our local knowledge is second to none, we all want to make our guests have a memorable experience. I try to give our guests an exceptional dive experience by anticipating guests’ needs, ensuring they are safe and asking my colleagues about their experiences and ensuring my knowledge of where the best landmarks and points of interest are.

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