Doljo and Napaling

Doljo and Napaling 3 dives trip s done by bangka boat which leaves at 8:45am and comes back around 4:00pm. You will do 1 dive at Napaling Point, 1 dive at Doljo and 1 dive on the way back to Alona (or sometimes 2 dives at Doljo depending on the conditions and divers’ interest).

There will be coffee, tea, water and some snacks on boat for the day trips but won’t be any actual lunch. You can bring your own lunch if you like.

Maximum divemaster to divers ratio is 1:4.

For certified divers only and subject to availability. Please consult ahead of time for booking.


  • 3 Dives Trip With Own Equipment: 5,000p/trip

Price includes boat, dive guide, tank, weight, local dive fees and tax.

  • 3 Dives Trip With Rental Equipment: 5,250p/trip

Price includes boat, dive guide, tank, weight, local dive fees and tax. Rental equipment includes BCD, regulator, mask, wetsuit, booties and fins.

Dive Site Description:

Doljo is located on the northwest point of Panglao island and it’s got big walls! At Doljo, the reef top is at 5m, with a vertical wall/steep slope going down to 60m plus. Giant sea fans, green leather corals (elephant ear corals), and barrel sponges decorate the steep slope. Look out for giant frogfish, as well as different angel and butterfly fish. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the blue for big pelagics such as Spanish mackerel, barracudas and eagle rays.

Napaling Point is the home of our resident sardines, also located on the north side of Panglao island. The site is a vertical wall (the sardines are usually found at the top of the wall so even snorkelers can swim with them!) that stretches from 3-40m featuring an array of holes, crevasses, overhangs, and caves. These create great opportunities for dramatic photography, and are home to beautiful soft and hard corals. Look out for juvenile barracudas, banner fish, moray eels, moorish idol, giant frogfish, and anthias.

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