2 days

The PADI Advanced Mermaid course expands on your PADI Mermaid certification and teaches you how to apply your skills to the open water environment. You’ll learn the differences between open water and confined water, as well as how to perform mermaid skills in various open water conditions. Additionally, you’ll learn about aquatic life, how to avoid harm, and what to expect when diving in different open water environments.

The PADI Advanced Mermaid course has three main phases: independent study with eLearning, confined water sessions for mermaid skill development and problem management, and open water sessions in larger bodies of water to learn and practice open water mermaiding techniques. You’ll gain skills in dolphin kicks, turns, and other unique mermaid diving skills, as well as learn about aquatic life and environmentally friendly diving practices.

Through this course, you’ll become a more confident and skilled mermaid diver, ready to explore the depths of the open water.

  • Minimum Age: 12 years old
  • Prerequisites: PADI Mermaid Certification. Need to be able to swim at least 100m without swim aids and float comfortably at the surface for at least 10 mins.
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